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About the Translator

Perito Traductor Certificado Berenice Martinez


Sworn Translator

Traducciones en Inglés

Berenice is a Sworn Translator recognized by the Federal Council of the Judiciary of Mexico from English to, Spanish, from Spanish to English, from French to Spanish and from Spanish to French. She has more than ten years of professional translation experience. In addition she has a high level knowledge in several languages, different cultures, societies and governmental systems throughout the world. All of which has helped her to develop a particularly international sense of comprehension of diverse texts that ensures the quality of her services.

Berenice, Sworn Translator is always in constant preparation and updating her skills in order to provide the best translation services in English, French and Spanish.

PeritoTraductor Berenice Martinez

Only an Sworn Translator like Berenice can help you ensure that the English, French or Spanish translations you need are of high quality and accurate to conquer the international market.

Translation Areas

Language Level

According to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages


​English, Spanish, German and French

Sworn Translator Berenice offers professional translations with her Sworn Translator seal on translated documents based on strict attention to detail in English, French and Spanish.


The translator works efficiently with any client on national territory and internationally.

Spanish –Native

English – C1

  • 2018 TOEFL IBT score: 98 (ID 0000 0000 3 380 0624)

  • 2015 IELTS score 7 (C1)  (ID 15MX002930MARB026G)


French – C1

  • 2017 TEF (Test d'évaluation de français ) score: C1 (ID 59855 2 )

  • 2008 DELF (Diplôme d’études de la langue francaise du cadre européen commun de référence pour les langues ) score: B2 (ID 05 2 2 2 5-000802 )


German – C1




Japanese – B 2

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